About Us

We’re a fine developers team from worldwide. We are trying to convert our agency into a company but some legal concepts are stopping us, so we are now passing our software and services to our client through becoming a digital agency, this reduces the confidence of our clients a bit. Because we are not a registered company but we assure you that you will always get safe and profitable services from MC SoFts.

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There are currently 34 developers working in our agency if you also want to be a part of MC SoFts or you have advance software development skills or you have good software development experience then we can add you to our team

Employee Dashboard

Out of our 34 software, 8 developers are from the dark web, which makes us the most help to make some amazing software, all our developers are from different countries of the world, that’s why we are unable to give you the address of any specific area or office.

Manage Custom Project

We also accept custom projects. If you have an amazing idea or want to make it a reality, contact us and share with us your custom project idea, We’ll try hard to make it reality for you.

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